Wednesday, April 14

And so it begins... diary huh? Damn contradicting concept, but what the hell.... Still unsure and a bit stiff bout this whole blogging thingy, so I don't think I'll write that much. For now. As it is, I miss the closeness of my family and I miss my cat Keeno (screw Chicqa...she only comes to me when she wants to eat). From the beginning I knew my family was not exactly the all-Malaysian type (tell me one family who's normal. Eheh). You can actually feel all sorts of emotions emanating from our house. Compare that to the typical Malaysian with suppressed gets lonely when I'm away from home. Miss catching all those late night shows. Think I'm gonna watch Super Sapiens with my siblings when I get home. Ahahah. Sounds mighty boring. That's why I don't keep a journal. My life is, in essence, boring. Well...think that's it for now. This lab is too crowded to write something so personal. Ahahah. Excuses.