Tuesday, April 28

Back in KL

I just got home from a five-day trip to Kuala Lipis late last night. Luckily I wasn't out of communication there, but as I could only receive Edge connection, the turtle-speed deterred me from posting anything. Oh well. I want to share my experience there, but since I keep on falling asleep the whole day, I gotta clear my head before writing anything sensible. Anyway, after dropping off my friends, I decided to stop by KLCC to get books for me to read during my 3-day leave. Imagine my relief at seeing the interior of the building. Home at last! Of course, I headed straight for Kinokuniya and ended up buying five books just so that I could get another Daruma card. By the way, if you're into buying books at a monthly basis, I suggest you head there before the end of the month and buy RM160 worth of books/magazines. Why waste so much money, you ask? Well, if you think it's a waste to spend money on books, then read no further. The daruma card entitles you to 28% discount on one book per month till this November. And now I have two of them. Happy. Of course, I simply had to stop by Starbucks to get my fix of a Venti Caramel Signature Hot Chocolate, with cream (RM14.20). Ah...the simple pleasures in life. This morning, my friend from work called and told me that one of the specialists commented, "He's on leave? He's always takes leave. Last time he said it was for writing novel or story or something. This time apa pulak? Buat movie?" Well I took leave for a week last month to write 2 short stories for a competition, as well as to free myself to go see Jason Mraz in concert, then an MC somewhen early this month. I applied to take leave these three days to rest and maybe write some stories for a Commonwealth competition, but volunteered to be on-call this Sunday. I got a message from another friend yesterday that I had to be oncall this Friday, which is the day my cousin is getting engaged. I didn't complain, knowing we're having a shortage of MOs. Not to brag, but whenever I'm at work I do more than my share. I help at other wards as well. Some people take leave every month, sometimes for extended periods. Most of the time to go on a vacation or something. No one said a thing. They didn't get ridiculed. I did. WTF?! Just venting out. Right now I'm in between watching Fringe and reading The First Five Pages. And falling asleep while doing those. Will post more later.