Sunday, April 19

Love Letter to my Soulmate (posted on Feb 2nd, 2009)

My dearest heart, All my life I have been adrift, a lonesome boat lost at sea, without anchor, without oar, without direction or purpose. Then you appeared into my life. My northern star that guides me true, my gentle breeze that leads my way, my silken waves that bring me serenity. You did not know then, and I do not suspect you know now, but you are my salvation. You reached into the darkest depth that was my soul, and found the broken pieces that were me. You mended me with your healing touch, and you held me together with your encompassing love. I would not be the man I am today if it were not for you. I would not be whole without you as my greatest half. I would not have embraced the light without your gentle warmth. I do not, nor will I ever be, deserving of you, and it is true. Yet here you are, my strength, my faith, my hope, my dreams. For you are, My love, My light, My life. I love you.