Saturday, May 30

I'm not crazy, just a little unwell

It's been a hectic and tiring week...didn't have time to update my blog! Fine. I've received a copy of The Sims 3. And I'm hooked on telling my Sim what to do, where to go. He's now a Rock Star, by the way. I have another Sim whom I'm training to be a writer. His wife, a hot redhead with a pixie haircut (drool), is busy tinkering with tubs and stoves. Self-cleaning. Figure that. Yes. I'm an addict. But more on that later. I'm going to dedicate one long post -- with pictures -- on my addiction to games. And yes. I'm playing The Sims 3, which is only scheduled to be released June 2nd. All Malaysians are pirates (I'd prefer the term resourceful). Get over it. Doesn't mean I'm not tempted to buy the original game. I've read we get a complete downloadable town after purchasing the game. Another redhead to frolic around a new town. Yummy. But seriously. I'm not lying when I said the week's been hectic. The whole month, in fact. Not enough MOs, so more workload for those still around. Blah blah blah, same story everywhere. This month has been a transition period. A lot of people are taking leave before going for their Masters program, and a lot of Masters students sat for their exams. Next month we're supposed to get new people in. Yay! The tired body is not condusive for creative thinking, though. So I'm left with the almost-mindless job of ordering my Sims around. I still owe that tutorial, and I also owe Tita a short story where the female main character gets more spunk and character. One that resonates. That's a tall order, but I think I have a story in mind. Just. Need. To. Think. Straight. Looking forward to and dreading June at the same time. Results are coming out the end of the month. For those who know about the competition, you know we can't advertize our entering it online or whatever. Wish me luck! I'm actually waiting for a patient to get zonked out (getting sedated and prepped for operation) so I can drill a hole in his head and stick a tube into his brain. Gross, huh? In private hospitals, they actually charge people RM12k-RM16k for the procedure, with the surgeon's fee of around RM4k. Not so gross anymore, huh? I'm doing it with a payment of RM170 for 24 hours. And I have two more patients waiting to get drilled and stuck with a tube. Gross. K, I have to go. Cheers!