Friday, July 3

Silence of this Lamb

Just got back from watching Transformers: RotF (the second time). Regardless of what my sister said, it's an EXCELLENT movie! But I may rant about that in her comment section. Anyway, just got back, and I felt like checking up on my modem/router. Voila, the net is ALIVE! Been netless for three nights. The first night, my brother called TM and they couldn't figure out what was wrong. Maybe our modem got sizzled from lightning or summat. So I went to Ampang Point on my way back home the next day to buy a modem. They were out of stock. What was left was a WiFi modem/router. That's RM183 down the drain. And guess what happened. No net. I called TM, and the customer care consultant (cool name, eh?) informed me that it was their server that got sizzled, affecting around 50 customers. My sister said, "Special nye kita. One of 50, out of THOUSANDS!" Well, that's RM183 too late. Yesterday night, still no net. This afternoon, TM people called me up to inform me that their system got sizzled any it may take 1 - 2 more days before we would get internet access again. Bummer. 01:30. Got home. Net is alive. Yippie! Well, I have to be in the OT before 08:00, which means less than 5 hours of sleep tonight. Bummer. Just to inform y'all, in case you missed me. Cheers!