Sunday, August 30

Hmm...again, I have to thank Tita for introducing me to So far I've entered 4 short stories to be considered for the daily prompts, and I've won 3 of them. Of course, there aren't that many entries, but some of them are good. Somehow, if I had won every time I entered, I would suspect the quality of judging and writing, and I would doubt my own writing. Writing short stories less than 1000 words is hard work. Because of the limitation. I find it difficult to use elaborate descriptions to create setting and mood, and to have character development and story movement as well. I try not to use narrative summaries, and use immediate scenes instead (remember the previous tutorials?), but it's bloody hard with 1000 words or less. Would have been more comfortable if the limit is about 2500 words. But the good thing is, I now have 4 brand new stories written within 1 week, not recycled ones, and all of which can be developed more. I also have my eyes set on a few open competitions, namely Happy Ending Love Stories (at least 4000 words), Classic-Character driven Short Story (maximum 10000 words), and Newbie Short Story Competition (can't remember the details). Maybe I'll recycle some of my older stories, maybe I'll write new ones. Wish me luck. I'll be posting the 4 short stories here. Comments and criticisms are appreciated.