Thursday, September 17


Thanks guys. Don't worry. I'm not fragile. I didn't post this argument on my blog for the sake of getting pats on the back. I appreciate it, though. Honestly, absolutely appreciate it. I knew from the start this guy had a point, logically thinking. But the main character in that story isn't an ordinary guy, and the squadron of 24 Knights is worth more than a whole army. I asked him to read the whole thing through before passing judgment. There are a few lessons from this, though. 1. Sometimes people are blinded by how they perceive things, you cannot put in a word otherwise. 2. A majority of writers are defensive about their work(s). Say something negative, and ouch. I'm thankful I've been cleared off that silly notion (don't worry, Tita, you're not evil). Although this can be looked at as pride in one own's work, but when it hampers growth and progress, this can be dangerous. Same goes for other things in life. I thought I gave him a fair review on the techniques of his writing. I'm still learning, but I've learned a lot from reading both fiction and books-for-writers. 3. I can whip out an argument out of nothing. The guy has medieval history to back him up, that's why he has a firm belief on how high fantasy should or should not be. If he hadn't been an ass, I'd have asked to learn from him. As it is, I don't know squat. My take on dragons is how the general population perceive them. Big, mythical creatures that can or cannot spew fire, nasty temperament, and with luck, can occasionally be killed. Because a dragon is a metaphor for adversity, of a near-impossible challenge, that only those who persevere may overcome. 4. The piece is in sore need of an overhaul. I'll be the first to admit it. The concept is nearing a Dragonlance-fan-fiction (was too immersed in reading those books at that time). But sometimes, it doesn't matter if you've written a gem. Some people will think it's crap. Don't get angry with them. Don't get angry with yourself. You know you've created something beautiful. You're capable of it. Go create more. Well, there are lots more to be learned, but as it is I've written more than a single post! Hell, why not. Copy > Paste it is! I love computers! Anyway, bottom line is, you can't please everyone. The person whose opinion should matter the most is yourself. Just not all the time. You'd end up like Chronicler. Thanks everyone, for your positive feedback. John, I saw the cover of your book popping up on Sharon Bakar's sidebar, under "Books from Malaysian Writers" (or something like that). You're an inspiration, mate!