Tuesday, October 20

Birthday Boy

So. I turned 28 today. Reza SMSed me his birthday wish before midnight, in case he fell asleep and forgot all about it. My brother and his girlfriend Ili followed suit, around 00:20. To be honest, I was asleep in the on-call room at that time, and only noticed the messages around 02:00 when I went down to OT for surgery. Ended up waiting over an hour before I could start cutting, and I was thankful the case was straight forward. Feeling a little down because the two patients I operated upon last Saturday passed away. Their conditions weren't good to begin with, but still. So I finished this morning's operation around 04:15, then continued writing a review at WDC. Slept for 2 hours, woke up, got ready for work (gray shirt, gray vest, black slacks and shoes -- no tie). The rest of the family called around 08:45. Arwen was silent, but Papa told me she danced when she heard my voice. Funny girl, her. Finished rounds around 10:00. Found out that Sister Yee, my ICU head nurse, bought me a Secret Recipe cake. Chocolate and Cheese. Seriously. Yum. My Head of Department, Mr (Dr) Saffari came, Fazrin came, and the nurses sang "Happy Birthday". I blew out imaginary fire on the 2 candles (we couldn't find a lighter), and we ate the cake. Finished my work in ICU, loitered around a bit, and headed for Bangsar at 12:30. Had lunch with Reza at BSC Chili's (he paid for it). Went back to work, loitered until 16:15, got bored and sleepy, drove home. Noticed a large brown envelope with the name Fadz J Rosli on it. Wondered who it was from. Didn't think to look at the PosLaju docket. Turned out to be a cool black notebook from Tita (checked the docket after opening the gift). SMSed to thank her. Headed straight for my computer and downloaded Heroes and Brothers and Sisters, watched Fringe while downloading. Fell asleep watching Fringe. Woke up when Arwen planted a wet kiss on my cheek, continued to straddle both realms of awake and asleep. Reza came by to copy last season's Fringe. Watched the first episode of Glee (trying to get him to watch the fabulous show). Watched Heroes after he went home, then re-watched Fringe since I was already alert. Just in time, Brothers and Sisters finished downloading. Watched that while eating curry Maggie Kasha made for the three of us. Read a short story on WDC, and decided to update this blog. So there. A full day on my 28th birthday. Oh yeah. Kept on receiving birthday wishes from a lot of people on Facebook, friends and family alike. Friends and colleagues SMSed as well. All in all, it may seem like a blah day, but the amount of love and attention I've received, well, I can't possibly ask for anything more than that. I'm thankful for all the people around me. Oh. Mama promised to have my birthday dinner this weekend, since I have the weekend off, and I'm post-call today. She knows how tired and cranky I can get after a call.