Thursday, November 5


I checked my computer and saw Yahoo! homepage already opened. The headline grabbed my attention: Islamic Icon Spared in Disaster Flick. I read on. The short of it is that the director of 2012, the upcoming global disaster movie, Mr Ronald Emmerich, contemplated on destroying the Kaaba, but was talked out of it by his co-writer talked him out of it (for fear of a fatwa). In his interview, he admitted wanting to destroy Kaaba. And when talked out of it, he said that it wasn't something important, anyway. OK, fine enough as it is. But wait. There's another link to his interview with Sci Fi Wire, and there are plenty of comments left by visitors. And the nonsense people sprout! I don't know how, but the blame for this debacle goes to Islam and Muslims, for being extremist, for being suicide bombers, for being stuck in the dark ages, for not wanting progress. The commentators keep on talking about the comic where the prophet Muhammad was portrayed, about Salman Rushdie's Satanic Verses. For those not sure about Salman Rushdie's work that put him into hiding, he came up with alleged Quranic verses that had never existed before. The content? The title of the novel says it all, but what's most important is that the Quran has never seen any change throughout its existence. The Holy Book is still pure, not tampered with. I seriously am one of the least religious Muslims around. But to read these hate-saying comments, to imagine the Kaabah destroyed for the sake of a movie, well, it's hard not to get angry. Have a read. Click on the links I posted. Then tell me if you don't get angry reading those comments. Some are just haters, provoking other, making their own country, their own religion (or lack thereof) look bad.