Monday, August 23

Random Monday

OK, check this out: I was not supposed to be in the operating theater (OT) today, but a colleague had to attend a court case, and asked me to take her place in the OT. When I arrived, I found out that one of the cases had been canceled, so my short OT list became somewhat shorter. We finished our other 2 listed cases by 13:00. The Anesthetic MO, being kind and generous, offered to proceed with a short case listed in the other (long) OT. We finished that case by 14:00, so my surgeon asked to proceed with another short case, which the Anesthetic people obliged (much to my surprise). We finished just before 15:00, which is the limit for our short OT. I initially wanted to go home straight, but decided to hang around my ward first. Rounds had just finished, so I had nothing to do; I went to the other ward. Left the hospital around 16:00, but since my petrol warning light flared orange, I went to fill my tank up at a nearby Shell first. Somehow my credit card got jammed, and I had to waste a few minutes there (apparently I had to lift the nozzle and replace it first, before the machine released my card). Just as I was passing by the hospital, my specialist called and asked if I could give him a ride home at Ampang (he lost his keys, or someone took them; we're not quite sure). I said, "Sure, no problem." I drove him to his house, and headed back home. Then I saw a flyover headed for KLCC and Jalan Tun Razak. I took a sharp left, much to a van driver's chagrin. Too late, I realized I took the AKLEH (Ampang-KL Elevated Highway), which doesn't have an exit until after the toll booth in the middle of KL. I know, right? It was already 16:40 by then. Since I was already there, I decided to head for KLCC (specifically Kinokuniya). Wanted to buy Suzanne Collin's Hunger Games trilogy, but the final part will only come out tomorrow or something (hardcover -- I plan to buy paperback). So I didn't. Throughout my foray into KLCC, I kept on thinking about buying some beef lasagna for Mama (she loves the lasagna sold at the Italian stall at the food court). When I did manage to get a hold of her and asked her if she wanted lasagna, her voice suddenly went bright when she said, "I've been thinking about eating lasagna the whole day. I actually wanted to ask if you were going to KLCC this weekend. You read my mind!" So, children. No, you're missing the point. I'm not a telepath. I'm not even an empath, just occasionally empathic. I'm talking about fate here. Well, beef lasagna may not count as a Big Event that requires divine intervention, but if I didn't do all the random things I would not have normally done on a typical day, I wouldn't have ended up buying lasagna the day Mama felt a craving. Weird, huh?