Tuesday, October 5

Hardcover, too

This week, God has been especially kind to me. First, I found out that my most anticipated anthology, Aether Age: Helios, is coming out on November 29, to commemorate the publisher's anniversary. I've known the anthology will be out in print, ebook and audiobook, but when I checked the website, I discovered that the anthology will be printed in hardcover, too! How cool is that? Yesterday, when I got back from Midvalley with Reza, I received an acceptance letter from Crossed Genres, for my apocalyptic Science Fiction, Equatorial Snow. It's about geoengineering gone wrong, and the world re-enters the Ice Age, and an expecting Muslim couple faces the threat of losing their precious child. The magazine comes out in print and online formats. Just now, after attending three patients at the emergency unit (on-call today), I received another acceptance letter, this time from Northern Frights Publishing. I submitted Visions, previously published at Expanded Horizons, for their print anthology Fallen: An Anthology of Demonic Horror. The book is coming out later this year. So. Including A Long Sigh Goodnight at CCC Press's Malaysian anthology, Act of Faith at COSMOS and Fountain of Youth at Skive, my stories will exist in print form in 6 book titles. 14 stories published or accepted for publication so far, more than enough to make an anthology of my own. And maybe I will, later, once all publication rights have reverted back to me :).