Sunday, June 7

Salam from JB

I'm in my grandparents' home in JB trying to sleep. Definitely not looking forward to driving back to KL tomorrow evening.

Been having a good time here though. Good to be able to catch up with my cousins, aunts and uncles. Even better is the food. The ikan bakar and ais kacang (here they use cocoa instead of those funny colored syrup) are simply divine. My family's must-have food everytime we come back to JB.

The weather's superb. Sweltering-hot as usual, which is good since my cousin's having her wedding receptions from last night till tomorrow afternoon. I know, we Malays are suckers for celebrations.

Uh. Oh. What I'm looking forward to is being on leave till Tuesday. Time to recuperate. But Mother dear had her shoes stolen last night during the late night reception. Some sod must have been too tired to care that she put on the wrong pair. My mom says there are people who deliberately wear old shoes to be exchanged with nicer ones at gatherings. Not that any Westerner will ever come across this blog, but in spirit of clarity, we take off our shoes before entering a house. It's not gross walking around barefoot. Get over it.

So, anyway. I think my mom may be on to something. At any rate, she mentioned a shopping excurtion on Monday for a new pair of shoes. Some pairs, more like. Oh well.

Hmm...two days of (hopefully) 1 Tender Moments piece, 1 tutorial (I've been slacking, I know) and maybe some soul searching, to find the voices of Adrian and Rina again.

Oh. By the way. I never did get a chance to buy myself a cup of Caramel Signature Hot Chocolate on Thursday. Got out of OT just in time to do rounds and wardwork, and went home after lunch. Zonked out until 2300 ish, spent some quality time with my beloved computer (which is, thankfully, still nameless) and continued zonking out in as I recall a dreamless sleep. I woke up late on Friday and immediately checked my phone. No missed calls. I guess the ICU staff passed over the message that I'd be on leave.


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