Thursday, June 4

Sleepless in HKL

This is a random, unintelligible entry. No joke. I have not been sleeping since...lemme see...when I woke up at 0700 hours, Tuesday. And now it's already 0600, Wednesday. No patients to operate till 1630, and that's when the day actually began. I didn't go idling about before that time, mind. And no, before anyone who happens to read this thinks that I'm bitching about work, I'm not. I'm currently in between cases. Just finished opening up someone's skull and taking out the evil blood clot, and waiting for the next patient for me to poke a tube in. Fun, isn't it? I'm halfway drowsy, hence this crap excuse of an entry. Anything to get my mind going, and HKL server blocks Freesky Online. That's a browser-based game. WoW is definitely out of the question. I tried, waay back in 2006. Uh. Oh. I got an idea on a novella or novel while chatting and gossiping (yes, you read right. Gossiping.) with my OT staff nurses (Kak Yana, Kak Haili and Mas) from midnight to 0230. I know, I could've slept then. Meh. Time well spent, I say. Anyway, before I get deviated. The story idea. It's definitely a romantic story. What else, coming from me? A girl gets dumped on the eve of her wedding. She gets heartbroken, she swears off men, the usual female reaction works. But, as I keep on saying, life goes on. She meets this guy, who's not exactly her type. He antagonizes her, he irks her, but he's kind to her at the same time. Just when romance starts to unfold, her ex-fiance appears into her life. He's still everything she wants, and she still loves him. So she has to choose. Well, I dunno if anyone has come across the storyline before. Not exactly 100% original. Some variation must exist somewhere. It's rare to come up with something totally different and completely original. At first glance, everyone would likely take side with the new guy. But what if the old flame is portrayed to be a good guy as well? What if he had a strong reason to have broken off the wedding, and that he still loves her, and only her? I can imagine Tita shaking her head at this. Likely the girl's character will be flaky and not strong enough, and she'll likely end up disliking the girl, like most of my other female protagonists. Sigh. triangle sounds like a Bollywood movie. If I add another female character, who's the new guy's best friend who's secretly in love with him, I'd get the formula for a successful Korean drama. Winnah! I told you, this entry is random, just like life. Total randomness. Oy. When is the patient arriving at the airlock? My change of clothes is still in the car, untouched since I arrived at work. Methinks, I'll grab a quick shower after this (hot water is out again. Lame.) and drive to Starbucks KLCC for a fix of Venti Caramel Signature Hot Chocolate and a Cinnamon Roll, heated up, for RM 19.20. Or, as what the barrista says whenever he sees me there, "The usual?" Goes to show how many times I've spent RM 19.20 at that place. Oh. By the way, some people would guard their ideas with a tenacity rivaling a mother koala. I don't mind sharing. Maybe someone will come across this entry and writes a story with the same setup. I'll say, "Good on ya!" and buy a copy of that book, to see how he/she tackles it. Basic ideas may be the same, but each storytelling is different, based on the author's background, education, character, prejudices, and beliefs. Life is too short and too precious for us to be spoiled sports. The patient still hasn't arrived! WHATTHEHELL?! OK. Gotta go. Can't think of anything else to say. One more case, shower, Subuh, Starbucks, Morning Conference, rounds, and if I'm lucky, my specialist wouldn't mind my chucking off after that. If he ends up minding, I have to continue working till 1630. Crappers. Friday it's driving back to JB for my cousin's wedding. I hope I won't face statements along the line of "Fadz bila lagi?" Aku lepuk kang. Cheers!